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What men love in a Woman 15 Things Men love in a woman

Posted on: June 7th, 2012 by relationadmin | 1 Comment

What men love in a woman? What men want in a woman

Now that you have read the 13 things men hate about women, if you haven’t go check it out now it’s time to find out what men love in a woman. Just like women all men are different and what they want will vary however, when it comes to relationship I can most assure you that what men want in a relationship doesn’t change so much from men to men. Unlike women, men have a pretty much solid idea of what they want and they rarely will change their minds. Women on the other hand may want something now and later that will change. Any ways let’s get to the list of what men love in a woman. It’s just like the Allstate insurance commercial: “Are you in good hands”  a man needs to know that he will be in good hands so if a woman possess most of these or all, that makes then the ideal woman.

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