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Things women hate about men – what girls hate that guys do

Posted on: April 29th, 2012 by relationadmin | No Comments

Things Women Hate about men

 Things Women Hate about Men- what girls hate that guys do

This a list of some of the few things women hate about men. There are a lot more but we feel that these are some of the most common and most women would agree with.

1 Not giving you their undivided attention

Women hate it when they are talking to a guy about an epic moment in their life or their day and the guy fails to give them their undivided attention. Guys just don’t understand that all the girl wants is someone to listen to them and have their man share in whatever excitement or disappointment the day brought. Men don’t realize that by just giving their undivided attention for what could have been a 10-15 minute conversation can turn into a drama filled provoking argument about “how you never take time to talk to me.” So men all I’m saying is give your girl the attention she needs so she can give the attention you will need.
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