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7 Signs That Says She’s Just Not into You

Posted on: May 13th, 2012 by relationadmin | 1 Comment

7 Signs That Says She’s Not into You – You just not her type

Women are very hard creatures to sometimes read simply because many of them just don’t know how they tell you “I’m just not into you.” As vocal as women can become once in a relationship, unfortunately they have a hard time vocalizing their true feelings when a man is trying to court them or get their attention, well at least some women do.

They sometimes are flattered by the attention but really have no intentions of the relationship going anywhere. So here is a quick and dirty guide for the men to help them to see the signs or know the key words that women may possibly to use to try to tell them that they really aren’t into you. I mean truly guys what’s the point of interesting your time, effort and not to mention money on a girl that isn’t taking you as seriously as you are taking her?

So here it goes: Signs she’s not into you (more…) (2607)

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