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The Role of Maturity in a Relationship : 6 Take Home Points

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Maturity in a Relationship

Maturity in relationship

Believe it or not, maturity plays a huge role in a relationship. A lot of people have the misconception that maturity works hand in hand with age. Not true. Age is not a measure of maturity. Maturity is measured with knowledge. It’s important to understand how your maturity can affect the way you comprehend and handle certain concepts that are needed in a relationship.

What is Maturity? Well, maturity is knowing how to control your self, control your anger, and know how to handle situation in a civilize manner. Below I will tell you a story of how maturity in a relationship worked for me (more…) (1670)

A Relationship Story Part I: How do I get her trust back?

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How do I get her trust back

The first thought of her maybe wasn’t, this could be the one, but as time developed I started to realize what I may spend a life time looking for is gazing me directly in my eyes. This journey basically began the summer of 09, in a conversation with, then best friend Tirra Hilton, in a very simple conversation of the past school year. When Daniella’s name popped up I immediately started to ask questions like” how is she doing, Is she coming to the school next year, and does she have a boyfriend.” Then Tierra called her, I got her number, and from their all I had to do was work a little of my little magic and she was all mine. (more…) (2118)

Friendship in Relationship – should you do it?

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The Series : Part III

Dony and JohnyToday’s topic is one that I know a lot of people struggle with within their relationships, the topic of how to be not only lovers but friends….btw I don’t like the word “lovers” think it’s kind of cheesy but couldn’t think of anything better at this moment in time.

There are two questions that Johny and I always get asked, were we friends before we got into our relationship or did we become friends after we were in our relationship. And I would definitely say it was the latter, which in my opinion worked out great for us.

Now every relationship is different and relationships will work regardless if you become friends before or even after, because there is so much more to a relationship than just friendship although in my opinion it is very much an important part. So I’m going to do this a little different today, I will pose this friendship in different ways In order to hopefully help different people. (more…) (854)

Sex Before Marriage: Why We Chose Not To Go There

Posted on: August 17th, 2010 by relationadmin | 10 Comments

Sex Before Marriage: Why We Chose Not To Go There

Let me first start by saying that it’s been a nice ride so far for Relationshipdj. We want to first of all thank God for his goodness towards us and of course you the readers that have shown your support and participation on our site.  Our intentions here on relationshipdj are not only to share our stories, give advice based on our experiences or the experiences of others but it’s hopefully to help others build their relationships as well. So with that said, please, don’t forget you are now able to post comments on our site using your Facebook account and it will allow your friends to see what you have been reading and then maybe they will stop by and visit us to and become a part of this movement. (more…) (8002)

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