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Finding the “Right One” – Boyfriend – Girlfriend – Husband -Wife

Posted on: February 22nd, 2010 by relationadmin | 16 Comments

I know and have met many people who says that they are looking for “The Right One” well who is the right one, how do you define the right one? Let’s start with the women, many women are looking for that ideal guy that they have perhaps read about in some book or have seen in some movie, but what these women are not realizing is that these books and movies are all make believe.

Many women have these ideas in their minds as to how a man should measure up and if he doesn’t then that means that he simply isn’t good enough for her. Women are for the most part never satisfied with what they have until they no longer have it. They always seem to be in search of something more, now I’m not saying a woman can’t have her standards but she shouldn’t think that a man will be able to meet and keep all of her expectations. (more…) (12845)

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