A certified way to lose your girl

Posted on: March 18th, 2010 by relationadmin | 8 Comments

You see gents, in a situation like this you definitely leave your car door wide open, when you need to make certain that it’s closed shut and you got your keys on lock. When a girl finds herself in a vulnerable situation, she stops thinking with her mind and her heart takes over, she starts having all of these mixed emotions inside and she’s left to wonder where in the world her relationship is going. If this is a chic that you feel is worth being with then you need to ensure that you are giving her what she needs. Now I’m not saying to go overboard as some girls require but you need to give her what she needs so that another man don’t try to step foot into your territory.

Now believe me, I am very well aware that sometimes life can get in the way and prevent you from doing some of the things you very well intended to do. But the best way to get over those humps is to communicate these things to your partner. Let you girl or guy know what it is you feel and find that happy medium where it works for the both of you. Ladies, if you feel you’re not getting the attention you need from your man than let him know. My girl tells me all the time, that men can be so oblivious to what is completely obvious to a girl, (yeah, yeah). Ladies maybe it’s just our nature to not be able to read you guys all that well sometimes, so please when you need us to pay attention then let us know, don’t go out seeking another man’s attention or even let it get to that point.

I know that when people get vulnerable they do end up doing stupid things, so what I’m saying especially for those out there that are in long distance relationships, don’t leave your girl or car door unattended (ladies please don’t get offended by the car door analogy, no harm intended) because if she gets taken away then you are to blame. Do right by your girl so that you are not the one to blame if she ever decides to walk away.


A certified way to lose your girl
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  1. Gasou says:

    I appreciate the fact that a man has the courage to say or admit that sometimes women cheat because of lack of attention, which is not a pass for you ladies to cheat. It’s not hard to say “your hair look nice,” “I like this dress on you” or “Honey I called to say good night.” Things as simple as this make us happy.

  2. Gasou says:

    I commented on only this part because me specially as a woman I love attention and compliment. Listen to this!I took my time to buy a cute dress, get my hair done and bring my beauty out more to go in a date with him; we spent 3 hours, let’s say,togheter, and he didn’t mention anything about how I look. But after that I had to meet with the girls somewhere to have some fun; I passed 2 hours there and 4 men came to me just to tell me how lovely I look. Guess what, I start comparing now. Was he so into me or the date he couldn’t see how I look or these 4 men have an extra sens that he doesn’t have?

    • I understand what you are saying but you didn’t buy the dress, for him, you didn’t get your hair done for him. Well at least you shouldn’t. You should know you look good. Some people are just not good with compliments. They find it hard to give and receive. Attention is a major factor in a relationship. I tell my women she looks good even if she’s not wearing anything… wait, that didn’t come out right. even if didn’t get her hair done and this and that…. but I see where you are coming from.

  3. Gasou says:

    Of course I didn’t buy it for him. I don’t need him to tell me I look good; I already know that without even looking in a mirror. But I want to hear it from him, I need him to pay attention to the little details. I think it’s specially mandatory for those who are dating a woman who didn’t have a father in her life(that could be an article itself).

    • Well good luck, paying attention to details is not something men really do. Some can but most cant. Well, maybe you should share with us an Article on the effect of a woman who didn’t have a father in her life how attention can make a big difference…..

  4. Dannika says:

    I think that the girl should sit down and talkn to her partner and agree on what should be done…Some girls force thier partner to give them so much attention and it can get them to the point where they dont need eachother.

    • Thank you Dannika its good to know and coming form a girl. Some times the attention required is just too much but some times that much attention is required because its not enough.

      Too much of anything is not good for you.

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