Our Long Distance Relationship Story

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The Long Distance Relationship Story that started local

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#1. My Relationship Story from the Beginning

It was March 8th 1997, my second day in this new city, state, country and a new church. As I walked into the church that morning, I was greeted by the ushers standing at the door and they offered to show me the way to inside of the church. I guess since they saw that I was young they sent me to the junior’s class.   I think I was 2 years or older than most of the kids in that class. I walked in and sat down in the back room. I had no idea what was going on or what they were saying, after all I had just migrated from a non English speaking country. I as sat in the back trying to figure out what they were saying or singing, I saw her walked across the room making her way out to go to the restroom.  My eyes followed her as she made her out the door, and no, I didn’t follow her to the restroom :) .

#2. How I asked her to be my girlfriend

Ok, let’s get back to the story. So one day I asked my new buddy if he could do me a favor (all that was in my native language of course) and he asked me what I needed. I said there’s this girl at church I kind of like but I want to express my feelings to her but can’t really say anything in English and I don’t know if she’ll understand all the things that I have to say. So he agreed to write a letter for me. I told him to write for the following for: “Hey, how are you doing, I know we haven’t talked much since the last time we were stood in the stairways but that never stopped me from thinking about you. I really liked the moment we spent talking. Hope all is well with you.”

#3. Long Distance Relationship Story:The unorthodox Proposal

Now while I was in school, I spent so many endless hours studying that I started to have trouble with my lower back, Johny figured that it had to be the chair that I was sitting on that was causing me to have this pain, so after convincing me to change the chair I was sitting on, he told me he would get me  a desk chair as an early birthday present. I finally decided to give in and he purchased the chair.

On May 4th, 2010 I got one of those delivery papers on my door letting me know that my chair was left at my building’s front office and was available to be picked up. I was so exhausted that day that I called Johny and told him that “ I think I’ll just wait until tomorrow to go and pick up the chair.” But for some unknown reason to me at the time he kept nagging (sorry bae) to go pick up the chair.

#4. Long Distance Relationship Story: Proposal part II

After she said yes, I told her I have to make it official so she wasn’t allowed yet to tell her parents and I decided not tell my mine. Typical Dony, she wanted me to tell her when I was going to officially ask her. I told her when you come home for the summer then I will ask you. She insisted that I tell her when I was going to do it so that she can look cute for the occasion. I told her “well babe, you always look cute to me so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

#5. Sex Before Marriage: Why We Chose Not To Go There

Many males seem to think that sex is what defines them as man but I have news for you, if you need sex to make you a man then you truly have no idea what it means to be a man. A man is someone who takes care of his business and his woman. I don’t need to have sex with my girl for her to see me as a man. My thing has always been any loser can get laid. It doesn’t require much nowadays to get laid.

All you have to do is find a vulnerable woman/girl find the right moment and sweep her off her feet and the potential to get laid just skyrocketed. Sorry ladies, but sometimes it just seems that easy. A man to me is the guy that can keep his girl interested in him after many years and he’s still interested to his woman. It’s been a long time since my girl and I have been together, I kid you not, I still get a funny feeling in my stomach whenever I know I am going to see her.

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  1. Yes. Some people is really jerk about what is a man. But I guess you defined what is a man perfectly: “A man is someone who takes care of his business and his woman”.

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