A long distance relationship story with a happy ending – Don & Val

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Hey you guys, thank you for your readership to our site. I know I have been missing in action for a while however, I have been getting some good stories and insightful information about long distance relationships story from a couple that has been through it. As you read this, please keep in mind, I didn’t make any changes but post it word for word, from the couple.

A Long Distance Relationship Story with a happy ending

When/How/Where did you guys meet?

Don: Val and I met at church about 6 years ago, but it wasn’t the old school meet and greet. She had been attending my church for about a year and Val claims that she had never noticed me. I use to notice her, she was extremely pretty but I thought she was really young. It was when I found out she was really 18 (legal) I made my move.

Don-ValVal: I met Don at my Dad’s church. I didn’t even know if he was at the church, because I use to always sit near the front, and once church ended, I left. I was pretty new there and didn’t socialize with too many of the young adults. It was about one year into my presence at the church that I heard this girl going on and on about this hot guy named Don. I was curious about who he was and when I saw him…the only words that came to mind was “wow, that’s a sexy man!”

First Date

Don: Our first date was when I invited Val to my graduation party. It was a special time for me, for I just had graduated college. It was a beach party and I couldn’t wait to see Val in a bikini, and she didn’t let me down. Val had on a white 2 piece that complimented her petite frame just right. We hung out near the water, talked for a little bit and again at the picnic area. She seemed really sweet and had the most amazing eyes and smile. We took a picture together that I still have. That day, I will never forget, for I felt that Val was truly my graduation present from God himself.

Val: Our first date was memorable. Don had invited me to his graduation beach party. I accepted his invitation under one condition, he had to also ask my father for permission. To my surprise Don didn’t even sweat it, being all bold and brave he asked my dad that same day. I don’t know what got over me that day at the party, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Don, even though, I felt he wasn’t paying me too much attention. He looked so cute freestyle rapping with his friends and joking around with his off the wall sense of humor. We did speak for a while and later that day he asked me if we could continue to talk. I, of course was nonchalant about it and said, “sure, why not,” while my heart was screaming out “hell yes!”

How long before it became a long distance relationship and what circumstances caused the long distance gap?

Don: The strange thing that happened is that ever since the beach party we never stopped talking. We would call each other 2-3 times per day. It was like we were childhood best friends that have become more than friends. I shared things with her that surprised myself. Val and her conversations were like the climax of having a climax, if you get what I mean. All the things that I could ever want to feel I felt them. We talked constantly for about 2 months and by 3 weeks into it, I wanted her to have my babies. Our relationship was made official about 2.5 months after we met. It was really a bitter sweet moment for she had to move about 250 miles away within the same state because of her parent’s job relocation. Although it was hard, a change in zip and area code was not going to discourage me from being away from my new found “love.”

Val: Don and I became a couple about 3 months after we met. We spoke to each other on a daily basis. Sometimes, I felt like it was a bit much, but Don’s conversation was like a drug, and I was like an addict. He made me tingle in places I didn’t know could even tingle. I felt like I could be completely open with him, and he genuinely respected me and valued who I was. I couldn’t help but be attracted to Don, he spoke to me in a way that made me feel so special, and I loved who he was and who he wanted to be. Moving away from this man, that I began to love, was very difficult for me, but like everything else Don made the transition so smooth, and I looked forward to seeing him again.

How did you guys cope with the Distance in your relationship in terms of communication, visits and so on?

Don: Val and I remained long distance for the remainder of our relationship as an unmarried couple. At first it was tough, but after seeing each other on a constant basis for about 2 years, we got use to it. Every time I’d visit it was “like” a holiday vacation. We would hold each other tight, kiss like we invented it, and be all over each other. The biggest challenge came in year 3 when I started medical school. The conversations got much shorter and the visits were very far in between. Balancing the medical and relationship parts of my life was one of the hardest things I had to do, but I respect Val a lot for being patient with me. During those times I needed her support just as much as she needed my touch and her maturity shined through in those rough moments.

Val: Ever since I moved, Don and I remained long distance. It bothered me, but I learned to cope with it. I was not going to give up on this man just because we weren’t in the same city. Sometimes it bothered me to be so far away, but I enjoyed the back and forth trips because it always added a new breath of excitement. Seeing Don always made me feel like a 5 year old going to Disney World for the first time. The success we had at surviving a long distance relationship is believing if God wants something for you, you will have it, and making sure you communicate all your expectations, wants, and needs with the “love of your life.”

The end result which is being married, how are things going so far, any relationship advice & confirmation  long distance relationship work

Don & Val: The end result would be truly embracing the idea of being one. You share everything, your thoughts, your love for each other and God, your prayers, finances, fears, concerns, everything! You respect each other, although she may call you “Daddy,” the “man” is not the father or a dictator to the wife, and although you may call her “Mami,” the wife is not your mother and don’t expect her to treat you as though she is or ever will be.

Communication, in a respectful manner, allows you to tell your spouse what’s on your mind. Also, you must constantly look out for each other; think of what he or she may need before they may even ask of it. For example if you’re thirsty and both of you are in the same location get your spouse something to drink as well. Longevity of marriage isn’t the key, its constantly tapping into that source of love your created with and trust that everything else will fall in line.

Concerning long distance relationships, if you feel that the person is the one God has chosen for you, go for it, but if you have any doubts, do not waste each other’s time and resources.

Stay tune for more long distance relationship stories….

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A long distance relationship story with a happy ending – Don & Val
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    Another beautiful love story, wish you guys success in your marriage.

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    Beautiful story. May God bless you both.

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