Friends Dating Friends: We weren’t Friends at First & We aren’t now.

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Everyone has that one friend that they truly cared about and eventually manage to turn that friendship into a relationship. Take me for example; I don’t believe that I was ever friends with my ex-boyfriend before we went out. I just knew that he liked me and told all his friends that. One day I overheard him talking with a group of boys about me. I knew that he was talking about me because everyone turned and looked at me as if I knew something. Ever since that day everyone managed to try to get us together. I always thought that he should have done everything himself instead of sending people over to do his job for him. As the time progressed the more he started liking me, the more I started liking him. By the time both of us realized how much we like each other, our feelings grew more and more. He would do anything to talk or sit by me. But the thing I had a problem with was the fact that we were never friends. It’s like your secret admire is not a secret no more. We should have never rushed ourselves into a relationship.

So going back, everyone figured that he liked me. It was their plans to make us go out with each other. Every time one of his friends sees me, they would always ask me “are you single?” I would say no and ask why but I would never get a response. At one point it was really, I mean getting really annoying because it was the same question over and over again. People would always ask me “do you like him? “and I would give the same response. They knew that I liked him because I would always blush about it. I am not the type of person that likes to show people my emotions. I just keep things to myself. But I only told one person and that was my best friend. She was the only one that actually knew the truth. One day, I just decided to tell somebody else that I liked him. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have gone out in the first place. During that time, the person I told my secret to managed to tell him that I liked him. I didn’t mind at first because it was no big deal.

Well, every chance she got, she would leave us alone with each other. I didn’t really like that because I thought if the time was right then it was meant to be. That must be another reason why we didn’t last. But yeah, one day out of the blue, two of his close girlfriends kept telling me that they had a surprise for me. I thought sure why not I might as well go with them for this surprise. When they kept rushing me and pulling my arm I realized that they are up to something and I want to know what it was. I kept telling them to tell me right now because I didn’t really trust them and I didn’t want to go with them. All they kept saying “come, come” knowing me I’m really stubborn and I didn’t want to go with them. Eventually, they ended up dragging me. That really pissed me off though. At the end of the day they managed to tell me what the “surprise “was. The guy that I like was waiting for me. I was shocked and surprised but excited. He ended up asking me out and I said “sure”. I wasn’t really ready for all that happened that day. Ever since then we have been inseparable. We were always by each other. If you don’t see him, you see me and vice versa. Since then, we would spend time with each other every chance we get. But I was feeling some kind of way though. At one point I was feeling uncomfortable because maybe I was not used to him or we have not talked as friends before we jumped into the relationship. I just didn’t want to tell him that.

We would always text each other all the time. We did have our problems though. We had the worst communication ever. You would think since we were a couple we would talk on the phone a lot. Wrong! We barely talked to each other I think after the seventh month. Our communication dropped. I guess we got too comfortable with each other but that shouldn’t affect our communication at all. But it did. The more we didn’t talk, the more distance I wanted. I felt really insecure. I thought the reason why he didn’t want to talk to me was because he had another girl on the side. The truth was he was shy. He was too nervous to talk to me. I never knew that because we never talked at all. We never even told each other how we feel about one another. I just wished it could have been different. That really took a toll on our relationship. I water out. I didn’t even want to stay with him at all. I felt as if I should give him a chance since we just started.

After a while things started to work out. We were doing really well. Once we hit a year of going out, the relationship took a turn for the worst. We stopped talking to each other. I didn’t even know if we were still going out. I confronted him and he told me that things would change but it didn’t. Not only our communication was horrible, I didn’t trust him. He would always hang out with all these types of girls. I’m not that type of person that can deal with besties, trusties,closty, and what not. If you are going out with me then you are only with me and me only. I was getting tired of it. I realize that I didn’t want to be with him anymore. So I just started avoiding him, instead of telling him my problem. Around December I didn’t spend time with him at all. He knew something was wrong because we were never with each other. All in all I water him to break up with me because I could not do it myself. Some people may think that was wrong but that was how I was feeling. At the end he told my close friend to tell me that it was over.

I didn’t really care because that was what I wanted in the first place. We have been going out for a year and ten months. Everyone was shocked when they found out that we broke up. They were asking why and my answer would always be “go ask him”. He told everyone that it was my fault that he broke up with me. I was really pissed off due to the fact that he blamed it all on me. I decided to confront him about it. I asked him why he said what he said. He told me his reason and I was hurt but I got over it. We didn’t talk until three weeks later. We started talking and then he asked me out. I said yes because I thought he deserved to be given another chance. So things were going well at first then it went back to the old ways. You would think the relationship would be different but it wasn’t.

The girls were coming back in the picture and the lack of communication started again. I knew that I shouldn’t have given him that chance. I was over the whole thing. I went on twitter and I told him that it was over and we could be friends. I know twitter was not the nicest thing to do to end my relationship but it was what I had to do. My brother told me that it was mean but I really didn’t care. I heard that he thinks the reason why I broke up with him is because I wanted to go out with his close friend but that was not the case. He should never assume something because it led him to the wrong direction. Ever since then it has been awkward between us two. We are not friends but we are not enemies either. I don’t regret anything I did with him. We thought that we loved each other but I guess it was not meant to be. Till this day we still have not talked and I don’t believe that we have any chance of going out with each other ever again because I met someone else. I hope that he finds someone that he truly loves. After we broke up, he just changed. He started drinking and being disrespectful. That is not the type of person I want to be with. But I hope he has a good life and I wish him the best.


Friends Dating Friends: We weren’t Friends at First & We aren’t now.
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