Friends dating Friends: Have you ever dated someone that you were friends with?

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Friends Dating Friends

Have you ever dated someone that you were friends with? How did that work out? How did it end and what lesson did you learn?

I have never had to date someone that I was friends with because I personally think it’s a bad idea. I think it’s a bad idea because everything will change once the status change happens. I took it upon myself to look around for people that have actually dated a friend and what the outcome was. I know these outcomes will change from relationship to relationships so stay tuned as we get these stories in. Send us your friendship – relationship story friends dating friends

How it started – Story from Jaine

I remember when I was the age of sixteen; I had a close friend who went to middle school and church with me. This boy and I would see each other every day. We would hang out, go to the park, and movies, also my mother always bring me to my friend’s house every Saturday to eat lunch at his house.

My friend asked me to be his girlfriend

After two years passed by, at the age of eighteen he came to me and said; I have a question to ask you. Then I responded and said yeah what’s up what’s on your mind? He said how would you feel if I wanted to be more than a friend to you? I said do you mean be boyfriend and girlfriend he said yes that’s the question. I said wow! That’s a surprise. In my mind I started thinking why would he ask me that question. Then he said I’m asking you because I see you as more than a friend, I said I’m not sure but I’m having feelings for you too.

Friends Dating Friends, the things I didn’t know

So that same day we started dating. So I’m there as his girl chilling as usual. Until six months later everything started to change. His attitude, the close friendship we had, and hanging out together started to change. So one day I called him on the side and told him why are you changing your sweet ways with me. He told me he changed because he found a new girl who offered him more merchandise (meaning sex).

So from there he turned his back and left and never said a word to me. And I think about the way my friendship went away in a silly way. Because I couldn’t offer him sex. So to all my readers in my opinion never date your close friend, it might not be the same friendship. Just staying as close friends will be the best thing. I learned my lesson not to make that mistake.

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Friends dating Friends: Have you ever dated someone that you were friends with?
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  1. Gasou says:

    I understand your point, and see where you’re coming from. Me too, I lost a close friend by taking a friendship to the higher level. But that does not mean you should not be friend ,with a man you want to date, before you start dating. That’s how you know who you’re about to date.

  2. Dating a friend is da wrong thing to my experience It made me feel awkward to be around him becuz I knew dat da feelings were still dere.once u guys break up,its da weirdest thing ever.

    • Annonymous one, thanks for stopping by and yes that too often happen but people never learn. I am all for friendship in a relationship but after the relationship is established.

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