10 At Home Date Ideas: Fun, Romantic & Cheap

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10 Fun, Romantic, Cheap, At Home Date Ideas

Part 1: 10 ideas of how you can have some fun, romantic, cheap dates in the comfort of your own home

1. Brunch and a Movie

Okay so it’s a little too early for lunch but too late for breakfast so why not spruce up a nice elaborate brunch, and pick a nice movie you can enjoy with your honey. This is a definite way you can spend some romantic, quality time.

2. TV, your snuggle buddy and a pizza

staying home can save you a ton, so why not rent $1 movie from either REDBOX or BLOCKBUSTER or on NETFLIX if you have it and order in, this is a definite steal. This is always a fun date cheap you can have.

3. Romantic at home dinner date

Ladies or gents this is your time to turn up the heat, in the kitchen that is. An affordable, yummy meal that can really do the trick, is a nice Italian at home dinner, with a side of salad (we love Caesar), some garlic bread, and some dessert. Another fairly cheap dinner date idea.

4. Romantic backyard spa date

this is a fun one, especially if you don’t have a pool, you can set up a kiddy pool which you can find relatively cheap on walmart.com and fill it with water for a nice romantic bubble bath. Get some tea lights that you can find at any family dollar near you. Play some soft music in the background playing, have some strawberry covered chocolates out on the side, and some sweet scenting body oils.

5. Throw back date

this is a sweet romantic date idea where you lounge around and remind each other of when and how you fell in love, when your first kiss was, where you met, memories you’ve shared, this will definitely be one to give you perspective on how far you’ve come.

6. Bedroom transformation

this is another one, where you can transform your bedroom into a theme of someplace you’ve always wanted to go but just don’t have the time or funds to go quite yet. Do your research on line, love google as a great search engine to get ideas of things that are significant in other countries that you can translate into your bedroom transformation.

7. Cook out date

love this one, where you can get yourself a fairly cheap grill, again check walmart.com for some great deals, season your burgers, or steaks, get you some veggies on a stick some potato salad homemade (allrecipes.com) again for some great recipes, and have yourself a nice at home cook out. Oh and don’t forget the home made lemonade. Again another fun, cheap date that can be quite romantic.

8. A picnic in your backyard

for the picnic pack something light, you know rather than making your own sandwiches at home which is fine, you can always stop by subway and pick up your favorite sub and your partners favorite sub, pick up some fruit at your local supermarket, with your favorite drinks, pack it in a nice picnic basket for an afternoon picnic in your own backyard on a nice breezy day, put out a blanket, have great conversation, you can even set out to play your favorite card game, get out the house for a little bit and have some fun.

9. At home phone date

Now this is reminiscent of when you first fell in love. You know how you would spend those endless hours on the phone talking to your babe. Well here is what you can do to remind yourself of how you once felt when you were just falling in love. Go into separate rooms in the house, and make that call, ask to talk to your boyfriend and spend 30 minutes just talking on the phone knowing the other person is just a few steps away so when the talking is over well some fun can begin.

10. Work up a sweat date

This is another favorite. This can be done at home or a nearby park where you can get a nice workout in with your partner. Pick a sport that you both enjoy, for instance basketball, and make it worth your while, meaning have a bet, whatever it is we’ll leave it up to you. Go and play your heart out, have fun, talk trash without going overboard of course, and enjoy the time you get to spend with honey.

Hope you guys have enjoyed these ideas, if you have any ideas of great at home dates; please feel free to comment below, we would love to hear from you. Go have some fun!



10 At Home Date Ideas: Fun, Romantic & Cheap
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