7 Signs That Says She’s Just Not into You

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4. Or she’s always cancelling the plans she does make with you

Cancellations are okay when something comes up that was totally unexpected and needs to be dealt with right away but when it becomes habitual cancellations as I like to call it, then that’s not okay.

A woman she have enough respect for your time as you should have for hers. If she’s constantly cancelling your plans because she has one of her girlfriends that need her, or she has to take her dog to the vet, or she has to wash her hair, then guys definitely time to walk away.

5. She’s always talking about some other guy

Okay, now this is just plain disrespectful but that may be her way of really letting you know that her interest lie elsewhere. If you have a girl that is just constantly talking about or praising another guy, whether it be about how he is, what he does, the conversations they have, etc, this may be a red flag that there may be something going on or that she’s interested in that guy being more than just a friend. I mean these are things she should be saying about you.

6. She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

Every relationship has to have a comedic aspect to it; I mean laughter is good for the soul. So when you notice that every joke you tell, she just can’t find the humor in it, or just rolls her eyes, then take that as a sign that even if you choose to pursue a relationship with this girl it won’t be a very fun one.

Laughing a lot of times is just a form of flirting; I mean even if your joke is corny she can still laugh about how corny it was, right. So take that as a sign if the girl just doesn’t laugh with you or even at you at times, then maybe that relationship isn’t worth your time.

7. She says she’s not ready for a relationship

Okay this is the final one, simply because what more can she say to have you catch the clue that she isn’t into you. When a girl says she’s not ready to be in relationship, she probably means she’s not ready for a relationship with you. This may be her way of breaking it down easily for you so she doesn’t hurt your feelings.

So my advice to you save your time, energy and money, and don’t bother sticking around hoping she will come around someday because there is a high possibility that she won’t. Now as a disclaimer to this, this is not to say that some men don’t make it their absolute mission they get with the girl that once said these words to them, but that is a huge risk that you should only take if you feel like it will be worth it. With that said, keep it moving, because I am sure there will be that girl that will be more than happy to accept the offer of being in a relationship with you.

So there you have it, 7 signs that let you know when a girl is just not into you. You’ve been warned!

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7 Signs That Says She’s Just Not into You
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  1. donnie m.f. anderson says:

    or she only calls you when she needs some thing. money, a ride, party but you pay.

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