7 Signs That Says She’s Just Not into You

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7 Signs That Says She’s Not into You – You just not her type

Women are very hard creatures to sometimes read simply because many of them just don’t know how they tell you “I’m just not into you.” As vocal as women can become once in a relationship, unfortunately they have a hard time vocalizing their true feelings when a man is trying to court them or get their attention, well at least some women do.

They sometimes are flattered by the attention but really have no intentions of the relationship going anywhere. So here is a quick and dirty guide for the men to help them to see the signs or know the key words that women may possibly to use to try to tell them that they really aren’t into you. I mean truly guys what’s the point of interesting your time, effort and not to mention money on a girl that isn’t taking you as seriously as you are taking her?

So here it goes: Signs she’s not into you

1. You are always the one calling or texting, and she doesn’t return your calls or text

Most would agree that when a woman doesn’t answer or return a guy’s calls or text this is a definite red flag. Yes people do get busy and caught up with other things but when a girl is truly interested in a man, she will find the time to call back or text and at least let the guy know that she got his message and will get back to him as soon as she can.

By not answering your calls or text messages, just know she may avoiding you, or she just may have classified you as a “Do not answer this number” on her phone. Either way, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses because this is a definite sign that she’s just not into you.

2. Refuses to be seen with you in public

When a girl doesn’t want her friends to know about you or is trying extremely hard to keep you a secret, this may be a sign that she’s really not into you.

Women can be private and may not want others to know about their relationship for a short moment in time, but when a women starts to go out of her so that no one knows your together or that she has someone she’s talking to at the moment, then maybe guys it’s time you open your eyes and see that the relationship may not be headed anywhere.

3. She Doesn’t make plans

Most women love making plans, it’s like its part of their DNA or something. When a woman isn’t really making an effort or can never find the time or have a plan as far as when you two can get together, then that’s a certified way of knowing she really doesn’t care enough for you one way or another, or even watch out for when the women are making vague plans, like the “oh let me see what my schedule looks like and I’ll get back to you.” Time to give it up guys.


7 Signs That Says She’s Just Not into You
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  1. donnie m.f. anderson says:

    or she only calls you when she needs some thing. money, a ride, party but you pay.

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