13 Things Men Hate about Women! What guys hate about girls

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What Guys Hate  about women

6 Try to control your every move-

I know this guy his girlfriend plans out his entire life. From the day they started dating to the rest of their lives. I was watching this sitcom one day and the wife had even picked out a place for her and her husband to be buried. Even when we are dead they are trying to control our move. Men like to wear the pants, so ladies let them wear it.

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 7 Always want to have the talk when you are watching TV- 

You know that one game soccer, basketball, football, whatever it maybe you are watching and that’s when she wants to have “The Talk”. Hey hell, the talk can wait until after the game.

8 Asking questions like where you, what are you doing?- 

Hey I am not saying that you can’t ask where a man is going and what they are doing, but why ask every 20 minutes?  Guys just don’t like being questioned about these things, it doesn’t matter if they are doing something or not. 

9 Take too long to get ready-

 What is the point of telling someone you will be at her house about 8:00 PM when she will start getting ready at 7:50 PM. Ladies you know it takes you a very long time to shower, shave, find your dress, do your hair and makeup, and why not start getting ready 45 to an hour before the time so that when the guy gets there you are ready? Why have the guy waiting 45 minutes to an hour?

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 10 Women with ugly feet wearing open toes shoes- 

Ladies, if your feet don’t look good, keep them enclosed, guys don’t like looking at overlap toes, unclean toes, out in the open.

 11 When girls ask “Baby Do I look fat”-

 Guys don’t like this question, because it’s a setup. Let me tell you something, don’t’ ask for questions you don’t need to know the answer too. You know if you are a bit on the heavy side you don’t want your man to tell you that you are heavy, so why ask and setting yourself up to hear a lie?  Just because you are on the heavy side doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love you.

12 Girls that want a guy with a car but they don’t have one- 

If you don’t own a car why stress on having a guy with a car? I really hate hearing girls stating “oh if the guy doesn’t have a car I won’t talk to him”, well do you have one? If you don’t then keep it moving cause a guy wouldn’t mind you having your own.

13 Women/Girls that can’t cook-

 This is huge; if you can’t cook we may have a problem because guys don’t always want to go out to eat. It’s important to be able to throw down a home cooked meal once in a while to make your men happy. A man always enjoys his baby’s cooking, that’s of course if she can cook.

hope you have enjoyed reading the what men hate about women and hopefully that will help you in our relationship.

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13 Things Men Hate about Women! What guys hate about girls
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9 Responses

  1. EmmaSJ says:


  2. Well, I did put up my warning sign.:)

  3. angie says:

    what does it mean when a man tells you that something you did sent them over the edge?

    • Hey Nurseangie, well, the thing is that we all have our breaking point and sometimes what we tell people and/or what they tell us can be the cause of that breaking point. Let’s say you are a girl that wants undivided attention all the time, to some people that’s a problem to give maybe that forced that person to just breakup with you because they can’t handle all that pressure. Or if you are someone that is always controlling his every move that will cause him say something like that too. Hope this has answered your question.

      • angie says:

        lol! got that part…but what if the guy says that in a possitive way…like something you said or did sent him over the edge…and it was a very good thing…

      • Well, in that case, if you really put it on him NurseAngie, then you have put him over the edge for a good reason and that too happen some times. Many things my girl says to me put me over the edge, if you know what I mean…..

  4. text says:

    #13 makes me sad…i can make any type of dessert, but I suck at cooking anything else. I usually try to make up for it with dirty sex 4-5 times a week…which seems to work cuz he hasn’t complained yet. :]

  5. This was really funny. I fimd some of it to be true,and some I didnt agree with.but im not gona lie,a women is hard to handle.

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