13 Things Men Hate about Women! What guys hate about girls

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Things Men Hate About Women | What Men Hate about Women

Before I even start this let me say that many of you may feel the need to ask for my head on a platter but I have to do this one.

We love the time we spend with our significant others but there are some things women do that really irritate the crap out of us men. It doesn’t matter how sweet a girlfriend, wife is there’s always this one thing that annoys us. So ladies now you can’t say you don’t know what can irritate your men. Below are what men hate about women. Hope you enjoy!

What men hate about women

1 Requiring your undivided attention-

 I don’t know why but girls are always crying for attention, its like no matter how much you try to give them, it never seems to be sufficient.  I don’t mind spending time with my girl but sometimes I think they get too needy with this attention business. Guys want to have time for himself too, you know to play video games, watch sports and stuff or even hang out with the boys. I think if women would just chill out and let their men chill then they wouldn’t be getting the artificial attention they sometimes get. So ladies all I’m say is stop begging for the attention and just let it flow naturally.

2 Saying “ You are just overreacting” when you are upset -

One thing I learned about women is that, whenever they are mad you have to be extra sensitive towards them to not hurt their feelings but when a guy is mad he’s always over reacting. What’s wrong with a guy getting mad if he sees you giggling with another man, huh? Not that I do that but you know what I mean. If your boyfriend/husband is mad about something try to understand and don’t say he’s over reacting.

 3 Passive-aggressive women when mad-

Man this one right here is a killer. I know she’s mad and I asked and she’s telling me nothing is wrong. After asking for a while she returns and lets me know well, you are my problem and she just starts pouring everything down on me, all the anger, frustrations and blames. You know you are mad and I know you are mad, why the silent treatment or say nothing is wrong when I ask?

 4 Interrupts you as you are talking-

 Ladies we hate when are trying to talk and you keep interrupting the conversation. Sometimes you interrupt the conversation to say something that is not even related to the subject. Something like, oh babe I saw this nice handbag can I get it. STOP DOING THAT.

 5 Talking while you are driving- 

Guys you know when you are driving somewhere and you missed the exit or the street supposed to be on. You are trying to find your way back but there goes your girlfriend freaking out, talking in your head about, how you should have taken the exit, or made that right turn. We hate when you guys do that.


13 Things Men Hate about Women! What guys hate about girls
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9 Responses

  1. EmmaSJ says:


  2. Well, I did put up my warning sign.:)

  3. angie says:

    what does it mean when a man tells you that something you did sent them over the edge?

    • Hey Nurseangie, well, the thing is that we all have our breaking point and sometimes what we tell people and/or what they tell us can be the cause of that breaking point. Let’s say you are a girl that wants undivided attention all the time, to some people that’s a problem to give maybe that forced that person to just breakup with you because they can’t handle all that pressure. Or if you are someone that is always controlling his every move that will cause him say something like that too. Hope this has answered your question.

      • angie says:

        lol! got that part…but what if the guy says that in a possitive way…like something you said or did sent him over the edge…and it was a very good thing…

      • Well, in that case, if you really put it on him NurseAngie, then you have put him over the edge for a good reason and that too happen some times. Many things my girl says to me put me over the edge, if you know what I mean…..

  4. text says:

    #13 makes me sad…i can make any type of dessert, but I suck at cooking anything else. I usually try to make up for it with dirty sex 4-5 times a week…which seems to work cuz he hasn’t complained yet. :]

  5. This was really funny. I fimd some of it to be true,and some I didnt agree with.but im not gona lie,a women is hard to handle.

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