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Hey everyone let me first start off by welcoming all of you to our site, relationshipdj.com. Not too long ago, my girl and I decided that we wanted to have a blog where we can share our thoughts, ideas and hopefully give some sound advice on relationships. Now I know you have to be thinking, what makes us an authority on this topic? Authorities, we are definitely not but we did want to share how we have accomplished to be with each other for so long. “How long” you ask, you’ll have to read our relationship story to find that out! I know how many people out there think that love is just something that’s passé and that you can only find happiness for a limited time only. Well, we hope that this blog can help couples find true happiness that will lasts them a lifetime.

Now we have to admit, we are young, I’m 26 and she’s 24, but we’ve had our share of life experiences, our ups and downs together for quite a long time and have found ways to make it work and last. Right now in our relationship, we are in a long distance relationship phase where we are living 2000 miles away from each other and still finding new ways to make things work because we do truly love each other and plan to be in it for the long run, hence another reason for this site.

So many of our friends, have wondered how is it that two people can just be “boyfriend and girlfriend” for so long and have also wondered if there was some special secret to our relationship? So what we have decided to do is to basically put it all out there from our perspective, talk about our own experiences, give some advice just like we would give or share with all of our friends and hopefully be able to help some people out there. Our purpose is to  share with all of you certain things that we’ve done that has helped us to grow and stick together for all of this time, believe me it’s no easy task, but is very much doable.  We will also be sharing stories from other couples, or will have topics that many people may be wondering or considered about in their relationships.

So anyways, that’s why we created this blog, to share our outlook on how to make relationships last. Oh I almost forgot to mention, we’ve gotten the question what exactly does the DJ at the end of relationship stand for, and it truly has two meaning that just happened to work great, since both my girl and I are the main authors on site we decided we would have the D and J at the end stand for initials from our first names and it also stand for DJ (like the ones you hear on the radio stations) so that’s what that’s all about! Anyways that’s what relationshipdj is all about and we hope that you all will enjoy all it is we have to offer and will be offering!

About us

Who are we?

Hey my name is Johny, and my girl’s name is Dony, weird that our names rhyme, yes we know, fate, maybe, but that’ what it happened to be so we just roll.

What we do?

I, Johny am, 29 years old I work as a helpdesk administrator with a B.S. in Network and Communications Management and another B.S. in Computer information Systems. I am currently in grad school for my MBA. My girl she’s in med school (hency why she’s 2000 miles away and she graduated with a degree in Biology, and minored in Chemistry (smart girl).

Our Hobbies:

I Johny, love Soccer, my girl just enjoys watching sports and watch me play of course! We both enjoy singing. I Johny, Web design, graphic and my girl she enjoys critiquing my work (lol). And of course we both love to write, her more than me (hence why she’s Senior Editor).

Well folks, I think that sums everything up in a nutshell, enjoy!

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