What men love in a Woman 15 Things Men love in a woman

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What men love in a woman? What men want in a woman

Now that you have read the 13 things men hate about women, if you haven’t go check it out now it’s time to find out what men love in a woman. Just like women all men are different and what they want will vary however, when it comes to relationship I can most assure you that what men want in a relationship doesn’t change so much from men to men. Unlike women, men have a pretty much solid idea of what they want and they rarely will change their minds. Women on the other hand may want something now and later that will change. Any ways let’s get to the list of what men love in a woman. It’s just like the Allstate insurance commercial: “Are you in good hands”  a man needs to know that he will be in good hands so if a woman possess most of these or all, that makes then the ideal woman.

What men love in a woman is: Strong yet sometimes submissive

Men love a woman that will stand her ground, when she makes a decision, she’s satisfy with it and will not change it unless there’s a much better way. Sometime submissive because although she may know what she’s doing maybe he knows something that she doesn’t, like a better way of doing something.

What men love in a woman is: A caring woman

The nurturing aspect of a woman is what makes them so loved by men and many.  To have a caring woman at your side is like winning the lottery because she’ll make sure you are cared for in “ALL” aspects. J  We are not talking about a maid here rather someone that will take care of your stomach because men love it when their wife/girlfriend feed them.

What men love in a woman is: A woman that’s not too loud

I am pretty sure there are times when a man would prefer for his woman to be loud and outside of these boundaries men typically don’t like loud women. Some women makes it hard to go out in public with them because they are too loud, they would yell someone’s name that’s a mile away from them. A woman that’s not loud is a good thing for a man because he can then take her out and show her off to his friends.

What do men want in a woman?

What do men want in a woman: A respectful woman

A respectful woman is one of the best things to have in a relationship. Men love respectful women because they will not disrespect him at home or in public. If there’s one thing men can’t stand is being disrespected in public. Men have too much pride for that; a respectful woman is greatly loved by men. She needs to know what it means to respect herself and how to respect others.

What do men want in a woman:  A woman that knows how to cook

I have to tell you for me, if a woman can’t cook we will have a problem because I wasn’t raised eating out and fast food. Sometimes I want to go out with my lady to have dinner at a restaurant because we want to not because we have to.  A woman that knows how to cook is a keeper because she’ll keep her man happy by keeping his stomach happy. A woman that knows how to cook is like an isurance policy that lets a man know that his stomach will be happy.

What do men want is:  An independent woman

A man loves a woman that is independent, she has her own mind, her own ideas, her own way to survive, her own money, her own car and her own house. I know what you may be thinking for the money part that’s before she’s married but once you are married it’s no longer my money rather our money.  A woman that can stand her ground just in case the man is not around. I want an independent woman because if I am not around I need to know that my kids will be cared for.

What men love in a Woman 15 Things Men love in a woman
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  1. Sugel says:

    2. Men want consistent, frequent, passionate sex (or hot sex). Men get turned on by different things that a woman does. A woman wants to know she’s “the only one he loves” and that he digs her. A man wants his partner to be a bit of a lusty animal in bed – thus the high subscription rate among men to magazines that are somewhat exploitive of women. (Note: the top 2 subscriptions among men are Playboy and Penthouse, the top for women is Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes & Garden). A woman that delivers in the bedroom will, more often than not, get what she wants from her man – a dedicated lover. I hate to be crass, but it’s reality. Smart women look at this and figure out how to use it to build mutual happiness. A woman who is more vocal in bed, and carries the attitude that goes with it, is likely to get a lot back from her man, as well. On the other hand, a woman who is frigid and uses sex as a manipulation tool is likely to receive games right back. The main thing isn’t so much experimentation though – please don’t take this the wrong way. It is about creativity, bonding, and emotional intimacy.

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