Do long distance relationships work? Tips and Advice

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Do long distance relationships work? It’s hard as it is to keep up and put up with someone that you are dating locally now putting distance and long mileages into the mix adds more to the work load. Many people find it very difficult to remain in a relationship with someone that is not close by. So do long distance relationships work? Yes they do but you must first know if you are cut out for it, if you are willing to do it and how you will make it work.

The real question to ask is whether or not you want to stay committed to this individual or rather your partner. Do you really see this person to be the potential “one” in your life? Do you want to invest a lot of time, effort, and money into this other person? Do you trust this person fully that they will not take advantage of the fact that you are not around?

If you answer these questions with a yes, then there is a great likelihood that you can handle being in a long distance relationship.My parents were in a long distance relationship for a very long time where my father was living in the states and my mother was back at home.  Now I find myself in the same situation where I am dating or rather engaged to a girl that is about 2000 miles away and I have learned a lot on how to make a long distance relationship work.

Are you cut out to be in a long distance relationship?

Well, let’s try this, do you have trust issues? Do you or your significant other have communication problems?  Are you a faithful and trust worthy person? Before entering a long distance relationship you must ask yourself these questions because they will determine if you are cut out to make a long distance relationship work.

Why is trust important?

Trust is very important in a relationship because without it there will always be questions and doubts. Questions and doubts can cause major problems in long distance relationship since you really can’t be with the person to see what they are doing and if they are doing what they claim to be doing. Do you constantly question your significant other of their whereabouts and with whom they spend their time even when they are in the same city as you? Do you always get worked up when you don’t know who your significant other is talking to? All of that is due because of lack of trust and to tell you the truth that will not make a long distance relationship work. Having trust is very critical because you’ll know and believe that what the person is telling you is the truth.

Side note if you already know that the person you are with locally can’t be trusted and that person being away will make it even worst.  If the person is not trustworthy then I would suggest not doing the long distance relationship thing.


Communication in any relationship is always critical because not being understood or not understanding one another will only cause more harm than good.  If you are not willing to talk about what goes on in your life to your significant other and he/she’s not willing to do the same then when each other is not around that should be a clear sign that something is just not right. Communication is essential to any healthy relationship.  Direct communication and honesty will be required at all times to make that relationship work. Knowing how to communicate effectively will really help that relationship grow. Please know that although text messaging, Facebook, twitter, etc. are all ways of communicating with your partner while they are away, it is as important to pick up the phone sometimes and call them to hear their voice, to hear firsthand how they’re doing, and for them to know that you love them.

Final thought

You see, when someone loves another person, you will go beyond what you think you can do, to make it work, but it has to be a two-way street. There shouldn’t be one person putting more time and effort than the other. Both people have to agree that no matter what, this is what they want.

I would suggest anyone to not do a long distance relationship, if you feel like you need to have someone constantly around, or that you long for someone to cuddle you, or give you that constant attention. Long distance should be left for individuals that are very much secure in how they feel about the other person and can trust that their partner feels the same.

Being in a long distance relationship or LDR as we like to call them is no easy task but it’s one that you must be prepared for if you ever decide to embark on such a journey. You have to decide in your mind’s eye that this is what you want and that it’s worth pursuing. If you feel like it isn’t for you, than do both of you a favor and say you just can’t do it. No one will ever fault you for being honest. It takes a lot of work and dedication and most importantly an undeniable love for the person to stick around for a long haul being miles upon miles away.

Do long distance relationships work?  The simple answer is yes. How do I know well I have been in one for the past 2 years now engaged to be married. Checkout my advice on long distance relationships


Do long distance relationships work? Tips and Advice
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