Things women hate about men – what girls hate that guys do

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Things Women Hate about men

 Things Women Hate about Men- what girls hate that guys do

This a list of some of the few things women hate about men. There are a lot more but we feel that these are some of the most common and most women would agree with.

1 Not giving you their undivided attention

Women hate it when they are talking to a guy about an epic moment in their life or their day and the guy fails to give them their undivided attention. Guys just don’t understand that all the girl wants is someone to listen to them and have their man share in whatever excitement or disappointment the day brought. Men don’t realize that by just giving their undivided attention for what could have been a 10-15 minute conversation can turn into a drama filled provoking argument about “how you never take time to talk to me.” So men all I’m saying is give your girl the attention she needs so she can give the attention you will need.

2 When a man can’t admit he is lost-

Women hate it when a man cannot admit that he is lost. See women know that men think they know directions and how to get to someplace without ever being there before. And although I must admit some men can, but sometimes men you do get lost and it’s okay to admit you are lost and you should have gotten directions or listened to the directions given to you prior, because that way you will eliminate or at least prevent yourself from hearing your girl tell you “you should have listened or taken that turn or got off the exit.” So do yourselves a favor get directions, stop and ask or admit you’re lost.

3 When a man is always late

- OMG, men women hate a man that cannot be on time, especially when the girl is punctual. Women hate to be dressed, with her cute heels, fancy dress, hair done, face beat sitting around waiting for a man to come and pick her up for a date and is always late. If you give the girl a time to be ready then men you better be on time. Girls hate just sitting around waiting for a guy to get his self together. If you know you take a while to get ready, then get ready earlier or at least call the girl to tell her you are running late and DON’T make it a habit.

4 When a man says he’s going to call you and doesn’t

- Women hate it when a man lies about when he’s going to call. If you don’t plan on calling the girl then don’t give her false hope. If you went out on the date and didn’t have a good time, just tell her. If you don’t see yourself with her then don’t lead her on. Kindly and politely let her know that you don’t see it going anywhere rather than having her think you are going to call and then don’t.

5 Men that are lazy or jobless

Women cannot stand a lazy man that can’t do for his self and take care of his own. A woman wants to know that she has a man that can provide for her, take care of his family and his kids. Women want to have a hard working man that has work ethics and believes that he should be providing for his family. Also a woman wants a man that can help her around the house and won’t just sit on his lazy behind and not do anything, especially if both parties are working hard to provide for their families.

6 Men that are cheap

Women hate men that are cheap, when it comes to dates, gifts, vacations, etc. Before I go further, I know some men work hard to provide and do what they can, but I’m not only talking about money here, I’m also talking about creative power. Some men don’t give any thoughts into the gifts they give or dates they take their girls on. They throw something together at the last minute in hopes that their girl doesn’t give it a second thought. Men do yourself a favor and plan something special.

7 Men that are too controlling

Women hate it when a man feels he has to be in control of everything that goes on in his and her life. Women understand that a man feels he has to wear the pants, but women also like feeling like they are part of the decision making process and that we are partners in the relationship. Women also like to feel like they have a sense of independence and can do what they want to do without having to report it to their man.

8 Women hate when men compare them to other girls

BIG MISTAKE guys. Women are already hard on other women as it is and they hate it when their men hold a measuring stick against them to compare them to an ex or some other random girl, especially their mama. Uh oh, I know I hurt some feelings with that one, but it’s true. I can’t cook like your mom, I can cook the best I know how. I wasn’t born with her genetics so I won’t have coca cola body that you wish I could have. A woman wants a man that loves her flaws and all and accepts her for who she is, how she looks at her best and what she can do.

So ladies and gents these are just some of the things women hate about men, if you can think of any others women be sure to comment below and let us know. We can always add them on the list and let these men know.


What men hate about women


Things women hate about men – what girls hate that guys do
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