What does it mean when people need space to figure out things in a relationship?

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People Need Space

Hey guys hope you are all doing well. Not too good on my side, I have this cold that’s try to keep me down.

Being in a relationship can be really hectic at times and if we don’t know what to do during these times we may end up doing and saying things which we may not be able to retract. There are many things that can cause such situations of which, trusting issues, school, work, individualism, infidelity and so much more.

We are all at one point in time in a relationship feel stranded and caved in and want some space to breathe. And frankly the problem may not be related to your significant other. As mentioned before it may be school. I remember once I was taking this class and I was having a hard time understanding certain things. I would understand one thing when it comes to the discussion I get all confused again. I am not the type to not know what I am doing so that has taken a big toll on me.

I don’t really express my feelings especially when I think I am not performing well, I prefer to just keep to myself but I ended up taking all my frustration on the closest person to me which was my girlfriend. Not that I had a problem with her but I was mad at myself about school so I took it out on her. She asked me questions as simple as how are you I got irritated. I realized what was happening and I talked to my girl about it and explained to her what was going on and she understood and stopped doing these little things that I kind of irritated me during that time.

You see what I am trying to get at is that  many things will happen while in a relationship and we may not know how to handle it. Different people have different ways of handling different situations.  I could have easily asked my girl for some time apart which may not have been a good thing for me at the time.

Now, if you are in a relationship and you feel that your significant other is smothering you  or there’s just too much going on which you can’t handle at the time, I say make your significant other a part of your problem or situation. You’ll be surprise that he/she may understand and help you overcome or find a solution.

I have talked to many people that I know and for the most part they have all come up with the same or similar responds, that  when people ask for space in a relationship that means they want to just go out and try something new without feeling guilty. Do I agree with them 100% no but there are some truth to that.

Does it mean he’s just not into you anymore? – Men needs space

When a man says he needs space, for the most part I think he’s not interested because man doesn’t really care about this space thing. If he feels that you are being too needy in terms of attention he may ask for you to cut it down a little but if he asks for space then he may be just not into you. I am not saying that’s completely the case but for the most part that’s what happens.

In my culture there’s no lay over, either we are with someone or we no longer with you. Because I feel that there are no rules that say if you are taking a break from someone you can’t do as you please because technically you are not with that person during that time. Well, correct me if I am wrong anybody.

Another thing is that if he says he needs time to figure things out, which rarely happens, he may have another girl which he likes the same way he likes and he’s not sure which way to go but he doesn’t want to let both of you go.

Does it mean she’s just not into you anymore? – Women wants space

I have a couple of guy friends and whenever we get to this point it’s always one conclusion. Women don’t have time to play around thus when she says she needs space buddy, just keep moving because she’s just not that in to you. We feel the same way about women cheating, women don’t cheat just to do it like men do. If she cheated on you she’s not your girlfriend anymore.

Now, to every rule there are exceptions, some women cheat because they are in need of something that you are providing while they still want to be with you..(This is a post of itself, be on the lookout for it). So when I hear women say these words, I need some time to think things through about us = take a hike.

All and all, each person will have his or her way of asking for space and that space may mean different for different people. Women and men are different thus they will have different ideas, meaning and definition. So next your partner asks for space ask them what they really mean by that so that you understand and not left in the dark.


What does it mean when people need space to figure out things in a relationship?
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