Role of a man in relationship: Who wears the pants in your relationship?

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Role of a Man in relationship: what is your role in a relationship:

It has become extremely hard to tell the role of a man in relationship in this day and age. I am kind of old fashion and nowadays in a relationship it’s hard to determine who wears the pants or the panties. Anyone I talk about this type of things can tell you my words and ideas have never changed. I get upset sometimes when I see men are being run by their girlfriends or wives. If you are a man know your role and grow a pair of you know what (lol).

A man’s role in a relationship is to cherish and care for his woman first and foremost. Having your woman taking care of you man, and you sitting around not contributing doesn’t make you a man, at least not to me, a loser maybe, but a man definitely no. I have witnessed many times where the woman is the bread winner of the house and the man is just sitting around or just hanging out with the boys around the block as his woman is out working hard and sometimes even struggling to make ends meet, simply because the man is too lazy to work or claims he can’t find a job.

I mean I understand due to this economy some things may cause a man not to have a job; I am not talking about men that due to unforeseeable circumstances don’t have a job. No, if you got laid off and you are still looking for a job or you are sick and cannot work, then I am not talking to you.  But if you just the type that sits on your butt all day and are not doing anything good and productive and expecting your woman to take care of you, I AM TALKING TO YOU THEN. A man should definitely be able to provide for his woman in some shape or form, it may not be financially but he has to be able to do for his woman and family.

Now don’t get me wrong finances isn’t everything, but it is a lot of times a deal breaker in most relationships which is I used it as my primary example, but there are other equally important things that a “real man” should do in a relationship.

5 Things A Man Should Do In A Relationship – Role of a Man in Relationship

Role #1: Take responsibility 

don’t blame your girl/wife when you are wrong. Whenever you are at fault own up to it and make the first move to get things back on track. Apologize, be the first one to open the line of communication.

Role #2: Show leadership

Where there’s problem, be the main one to find a solution, take care of business. Women love a man that will take a stand and make sure things are under control. You will never have the answer to everything, but you can find the solution.

Role #3: Make decisions

Be decisive and whatever the outcome maybe take responsibility for it. Whenever you are put in a position to make a decision make it and stand by it no matter what the outcome maybe. Women hate feeling that they are the one that have to make all the decisions.

Role #4: Be Strong

You can ask anyone that knows me; they probably tell you that I rarely get mad simply because I know how to manage my anger. I am always keeping it strong for my girl because I have to be strong for her. I don’t freak out or stress out about just every little thing. I always try to keep my composure.

Role #5: Be The man

Be self-reliant, be disciplined, be trust worthy, be the care taker. Don’t be one of those that depend on the woman to be the bread winner. I understand if you are out of work, or you can’t work. Even if you work 5 hours a day do it but don’t one one that sits home or go hang out with the boys while the wife or girlfriend works to take care of the house.

My vent session

Now for my rampage: Many women have ceased this opportunity to run the show because they are the bread winner in the relationship. Well I got news for you too; money doesn’t determine who’s the man or the woman.  If you for once thought that since you are making more money than your man you can act as if you are the man of the house you have something else coming.

It doesn’t matter if I am making $2 an hour and my girlfriend/wife is making $20 an hour, I still wear the pants, which means that it’s not about her money or my money but about our money and we both decide how and where it should get spent. Ok rampage over, just needed to get that off my chest.

But to conclude, a man should realize and understand how important and significant his role is in a relationship, I don’t think a woman would want a man that couldn’t stand up and take charge if need be. Men your woman depend on you, so man up!

These were the role of a man in relationship.

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Role of a man in relationship: Who wears the pants in your relationship?
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