Will you be my girlfriend -My Relationship Story part 2

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Will you be my girlfriend – How I asked her to be my girl

Ok!! you guys I know I have kept you guys waiting for a while now. The entire wait was due to my first class in grad school being so time consuming by writing papers, case studies and exams. Ok, well I am done with that class now so here’s the rest of my relationship story.

After that day we talked in the stairways things kind of changed

Ok, after that day we talked in the stairways things kind of changed. I was able to say hi to her when I saw her around. As I mentioned previously being a foreigner and not knowing the language kind of stopped me from saying all the things that I wanted to say to her. Well to my advantage, one day I met this guy that used to stay close to our house. We walked to school every morning together and I became friends with this guy because my dad knew his mom and one morning on his way to school my dad told him to watch out for me so I wouldn’t get beat up because for some reason other kids took pleasure in beating up those that were new to this country.

My Relationship Story Part 2

Ok, let’s get back to the story. So one day I asked my new buddy if he could do me a favor (all that was in my native language of course) and he asked me what I needed. I said there’s this girl at church I kind of like but I want to express my feelings to her but can’t really say anything in English and I don’t know if she’ll understand all the things that I have to say. So he agreed to write a letter for me. I told him to write for the following for: “Hey, how are you doing, I know we haven’t talked much since the last time we were stood in the stairways but that never stopped me from thinking about you. I really liked the moment we spent talking. Hope all is well with you.”

So, little did I know the guy didn’t write a thing I said but there was no way of me knowing that. So I took the letter and handed it off to one of the kids at the church so that they could give it to her. The letter was handed to the wrong girl. After the other girl finished reading the letter she started making fun of me because she thought I liked her and she was acting all “miss mighty” as if she had something I wanted but couldn’t have, thinking that she knew better than to date a foreigner that could barely speak the language.

I found out later that the guy made so many mistakes grammatically in the letter. Funny right? Well I didn’t think so at that time because I thought since he spoke the language he could have written but he didn’t know how to write himself. So the letter didn’t get to the girl it was intended for, I was mad but hey there was not a thing for me to do.

Now, I have this problem whenever I know that I have to go to church and see that cute girl my heart started to race like it was in a NASCAR 5000 up in Daytona. And if you must know this is not because I am scared or anything, it’s just something that happens when I really like someone. (3868)

Will you be my girlfriend -My Relationship Story part 2
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5 Responses

  1. S.Shay says:

    This is getting good ! although i do not appreciate these cliffhangers but i really like this story ! the vomiting part is so nasty though lol

  2. Gasou says:

    Interesting story. 12 and 14 you guys were so young!!!! I found the gum wraper thing funny. LOL

  3. Lil'W says:

    yup back in those days it was all about school and church nothing more and nothing less…now its just crazy…this is classic…love it :)

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