My Long Distance Relationship Advice & Survival Guide

Posted on: February 7th, 2010 by DrG1 | 5 Comments

Long distance relationship advice: how I am surviving it.

Long Distance Relationship Survival GuideAll too often people find themselves in situations where they have to part from the one they love or really like. People move because of work, school and other uncontrollable circumstances. A couple of months back my girlfriend found herself moving away to go to school, this was a situation that neither of us had any  real control of. So it is safe to say that I myself am in a Long Distance Relationship. OK…

One day I was talking to a friend and during our conversation she asked me how my girlfriend is doing and I told her that my girl is good; she’s just studying a lot for school. She then asked me about the school. I told her about the school and what my girlfriend is studying and I also told her my girlfriend’s school is 2000 miles away. My friend’s next question to me was, “are you still going to love her?” I replied to her, well of course, my love for my girlfriend is not based on our locations, situations, distance, or circumstances rather for reasons much deeper than that. I will still love her because I love her for who she is and who she helps me to be.

How to make long distance relationships work? I’ll tell you, it is not easy. At times I have to stay awake when I could have been sleeping but that doesn’t bother me at all. If anything I feel that if I don’t talk to her before going to bed it’s not going to be good night.


Try your best to be supportive of your partner. Your significant other will need all the help he or she can get from you while being away. In my case my girlfriend is away for school, I have to understand although we agreed that we have to talk every day even if it’s for just a few minutes, I understand that she may not have the time when I have time.

School can be very overwhelming and at times she needs the support of her love ones. Although she’s getting love from her family as her boyfriend I have to show her some on my side too if not even more. You see, one thing I thank God for is that before she moved away for med school I started working at a med school. Seeing how the students at the school are struggling, studying long hours, trying to get ready for the exam helps me to understand what she’s going through.

I give her my undivided attention when she’s talking to me, complain about a stupid professor, how’s it’s snowing, etc. And I also do all that I can to give her some words of encouragement, not just saying things I think she wants to hear.


Whenever you get a chance, spend time with him/her and be sure to make it memorable. For instance my girlfriend is about 2000 miles away for school. She’s been away for about 6 months. We talk all the time; we Skyped and Gtalked because these things allowed me to see her. Hey, you have to make it work any possible way that you can.

So, when she came down last December on vacation although we had a lot planed and we didn’t get to do most of those things, however the activities we did do we made sure that they were memorable.   Oh, guess what, when she came down it happened to be our many years anniversary. So, we went to a restaurant that we both love and took lots of pictures, enjoyed each other’s company and the food as well. One other thing we did that was really good and memorable is that night we went bowling with friends and family. We had a great time. I know how important it is to her to be with her family and friends.

Different things will work for different couples but you really need to find out what makes you guys happy individually and as a couple. For the guys if you have to pick her up at the airport I would suggest buying her some nice flowers, a teddy bear that will welcome her as she enters the car to sit down. Trust me on that one, she will cherish that moment and will always look forward to coming back home after all a happy girlfriend is a happy, you know the rest.

Oh one last thing, I don’t think I should say but I know she will remember is the fact that she beat in playing Mortal Kombat. I thought I had it but she beat me a couple of times.

My Last Thought on Long Distance Relationships for guys

Guys, let me tell you something, no girl wants to be with a guy without knowing that there may be something in the future for them. You may not believe this but talking about your future with your girlfriend or boyfriend while being away will also help you guys keep it going. No one wants to feel that he/she is wasting his/her time with someone. Hey if you feel that you are wasting your time with a relationship that is not going anywhere, I say quit while you are ahead. It doesn’t make sense to be with a girl/guy in a long distance relationship where there’s no real commitment.

So show support to your significant other and cherish and cease every moment you guys spend together and these are things I think that will help make your long distance relationship work

This is my long distance relationship advice to you guys. If you have thing else you want to add please drop us a comment.



My Long Distance Relationship Advice & Survival Guide
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  1. destiny says:

    I love this article. I believe that this is what a relationship is supposed to be like whether it’s long distance or not. It made me realize that if you really truly love someone than you would go through hoops to make the relationship work.

  2. EmmaSJ says:

    Let me begin by saying this article was well written, and I am sure many people especially college students can relate to this article. Kudos to the Author. This would have to be one my favorite article of all times. Keep these coming….But I have a question is it possible to start a long distance relationship with someone that I’ve only known a few weeks and will it be as successful as people who have a longer history.

    • relationadmin says:

      Hey EmmaSJ thank you for your visit and comment. Now, I have always thought that it would be hard to start a relationship on long distance term because I think there probably are still a lot that you guys have to learn from each other which I think can only gain through face to face and one on one interaction. Then again different people, different ways of doing things and different things work for the different people. Now if you are willing to do this there are some things to make sure happen:
      1. Make sure that you guys both understand what you are getting in to because relationship requires a lot of work and long distance even more work.
      2. You guys have to make sure that you both understand that time and availability will become a factor during your relationship. He may want to talk to you a certain time and you may not be available due to school.
      3. Make sure that you guys set the ground rules before, such as, respect, understanding, and support.

      Hope these things can really help you in your new relationship.


  3. elisapoo says:

    I too love this article….long distance relationships have to be the hardest aspect of any relationship for sure. Having a person around all the time can cause you to still miss them and yearn to be around them but when you don’t have them around as often that makes the situation all the more difficult. Being in a long distance relatonship definitely takes a whole lot of maturity, trust and understanding. It takes two people that are iwlling to put in the work and effort to make it last and worth wild. Keep these articles coming!

  4. ember says:

    hey, thanx for your articles, i only just decided to look up info about ldr’s. i have been in one for 18 months and its a solid relationship, but boy its tough and hoping it will change soon, looks like my love will move to me, i was going to move but its just not possible yet. fingers crossed.

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