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My Long Distance Relationship Advice & Survival Guide

Long distance relationship advice: how I am surviving it. All too often people find themselves in situations where they have to part from the one they love or really like. People move because of work, school and other uncontrollable circumstances. A couple of months back my girlfriend found herself moving away to go to school, ...» Read Full Story

Friends Dating Friends: We weren’t Friends at First & We aren’t now.

Everyone has that one friend that they truly cared about and eventually manage to turn that friendship into a relationship. Take me for example; I don’t believe that I was ever friends with my ex-boyfriend before we went out. I just knew that he liked me and told all his friends that. One day I ...» Read Full Story
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Is this Love or Obsession – Relationship Story

Is this Love or Obsession – Relationship Story It was the summer of sixth grade, and I unfortunately learned what hormones were. It only took a glance at an average looking, potentially smart, colorful personality boy to say I have a crush. It took me three years...

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